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Fertility Program!

You've thought about it, talked about it, weighed the options, and decided to take the plunge and get pregnant. But who wants to wait 6+ months or even years to conceive? You're ready now! For the millions of couples who want to have a baby, here's the perfect resource to help maximize their chances for a natural conception and get pregnant on their own timetable.

So who exactly is the BEE PREGNANT Fertility Program for? For anyone and everyone with a desire to have a baby!

  • For very healthy women with perfectly regulated menstrual cycles who don’t want to wait months or even years for their baby to be conceived.

  • For women with irregular periods or with hormonal imbalance

  • For those who have had one or more miscarriage(s)

  • For women over the age of 40

  • For men with low sperm count, prostate problems or erectile dysfunction

But no matter which above category you belong to, there is no need to worry any more: you have found the solution to your problems!

76% of couples who started the BEE PREGNANT Program so far conceived their baby within 3 months! You have a very good chance to conceive fast as long as you follow through with everything described in the Program!


Developed by Monica Harmoond health expert, consultant and yoga teacher in this unique 3+ months program - based on her own experiences, proven research results and medical facts - you can learn how careful planning, healthy diet, special but very easy-to-do fertility workout series, frequency and timing of intercourse etc. can influence the chances for conception.

In clear, accessible language, the first time expectant mom explains what women should do in order to ovulate and how can you conceive naturally in less than 6 months after starting her BEE PREGNANT Fertility Program without using any kind of drugs or infertility treatments.


The BEE PREGNANT Fertility Program contains:

A 116 pages e-book with
  • Detailed, easy-to-follow special advices with a 3+ months schedule on what you have to do step by step in order to conceive

  • Detailed, illustrated Fertility Workout Plan that is perfect for

    • regulating your period

    • optimize your hormone levels

    • strengthening the ovulation

    • lowering high levels of FSH

    • helping the body recover after failed fertility treatments

    • opening your narrow fallopian tubes

    • normalizing the sperm count of your partner

A 42, a 43 and a 57 minutes long BEE PREGNANT Fertility Exercise videos


3 BEE PREGNANT Fertility Exercise audio books

This first ever simple, yet powerful program to prompt, easy conception goes a long way in helping couples with or without fertility problems to realize their dreams of starting a family.



Here is a short summary of what you'll learn when you purchase the BEE PREGNANT Fertility Program:

A detailed
3+ months long program with special step by step advices on what you must and mustn't do if you would like to get pregnant.
Detailed illustrations, and step by step instructions of the BEE PREGNANT Fertility Exercises

Due to the positive effects of these exercises circulation is increased, and this way a larger amount of hormones, vitamins and oxygen reaches the genitals. The hormones, in turn, will be produced at a level that is appropriate for your age and physical condition, and this will cause the hypophysis to control hormonal functions in a healthy way. Increased circulation and widened blood vessels in the lower abdomen will normalize your estrogen and progesterone level, and so these exercises will regulate your menstrual cycle if previously you were dealing with irregular periods, short cycles or lack of ovulation. Your menstrual cramps will disappear, your period will be shorter and the amount of bleeding will decrease.

These exercises open up the tight, closed up fallopian tubes, this way the sperms can freely make their way to the mature ovum.

The physical symptoms of psychological stress will also dissolve, since these simple exercises will make you feel good. These rhythmic movements will cause your body temperature to slightly rise in the lower abdominal region and all stress will disappear, so ovulation can take place.

A 42, a 43 and a 57 minutes long
BEE PREGNANT Fertility Exercise videos for the easier understanding of the fertility workout plan
How can you improve your
nourishment for fast conception
The most important
vitamins and minerals that are essential for you and your baby-to-be
A special
9 day detoxifying and cleaning plan in order to prepare your body for conception
deep-breathing technique that helps your body to revitalize and normalize hormonal production
Learn which
cosmetics are safe to use
The most common
household products you must avoid that interfere with your hormonal production system and significantly contribute to the development of infertility
Discover exactly when you are most ready to make a baby! Learn a simple task how can you determine
when you ovulate so you will not miss your fertility "window".
The truth about
how to get together the right way: learning when & how to make love
Learn how to
prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for getting pregnant - find the passion again!
Learn exactly what you have to do if you had a previous
Discover what your partner can do to resolve his
prostate problems and erectile dysfunction,  increase sperm count and quality
And many more...



What are the benefits of the BEE PREGNANT Fertility Program?

You'll be pregnant in a really short period of time and then you'll give birth to a healthy baby

Your hormonal related disorders will be eliminated

Your love life will be dramatically improved

You'll be healthier,  happier, calmer and more energized