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Highly recommended! You are in good hands if you enroll in the Bee Pregnant Fertility Program. I've never ever dreamed of getting pregnant so fast! My baby boy was conceived in 6 weeks!
- Sophie V. with Oliver (02.02.2010.)

I was diagnosed with a blocked left fallopian tube in 2006. I can't even tell how upset I was... I had a tubal reanastomosis. But I didn't conceive for years... After finding Monica's program on the internet, I knew it right away that this will be the perfect fertility treatment for me. I was full of hope. And the magic happened: after 4 months I became pregnant, and in February 2010 my little girl was born! We've always wanted 2 babies with small age difference, so I've started the program over again when my 1st baby was 5 months old. And my son was born in June 2011!!!!! So believe her, she will help you to conceive a baby for sure!
- Monika F. with Rezi (02.02.2010.) & Vince (06.19.2011.)
Fantastic program! You're not just getting healthier day by day but you'll totally change your point of view on what your body can do for you if you use it in the right way!
- Agnes V. with Zalan (02.18.2010.)

I have a retroverted uterus and it's really hard for me to get pregnant. I started Monica's program in 2009 April, and I gave birth to baby David in 2010 April. :)
- Kathy C. with David (04.28.2010.)

Enroll in this program, you won't be dissatisfied!
- Krista J. with Csanad (05.11.2010.) & Sarah (09.28.2011.)
Would you like to have a beautiful healthy baby just like mine? Well, than do Monica's fertility exercises! I got pregnant in 7 weeks after starting the Bee Pregnant program! Thank you Monica!!!!!!!!
- Melinda M. with Florian (06.21.2010.)
After 2 failed IVF treatments I've decided to give this natural program a shot. And it was the best decision of my life! In 4,5 months I got pregnant!
- Andrea D. with Lucy (07.21.2010.)
My menstrual cycles have always been irregular and I had problems with ovulation. I'm so thankful to Monica for this program! It fixed my periods and helped me to predict when I am ovulating, so nothing could stop us to welcome Matthew! :)
- Edith B. with Matthew (08.14.2010.)
Fortunately I'm perfectly healthy, but I didn't want to wait for years for a baby. Believe it or not, I conceived in 2 months with this method! The only thing I can say that buy this program if you'd like to get pregnant fast! Look at the photo of my baby boy, he is the proof that the BEE PREGNANT Fertility Program is really working!
- Beatrix V. with Richard (08.15.2010.)
I had been trying to get pregnant with my second baby for 3+ years. My OB/GYN said everything is normal with me. I didn't want to go through an IVF treatment so I enrolled in the BEE PREGNANT Fertility Program in December 2009. I was really sceptic, but I gave a chance to Monica's method. I followed all of her instructions, and after 3,5 months I made a pregnancy test and it was positive! Our little Princess, Baby Abigail was born on February 2nd 2010. I highly recommend this program, it will change your life forever!!!!
- Agnes O. with Abigail (11.19.2010.)
My little love was conceived in 6 weeks after starting the program. You can read more about my story here :)
- Monica H. with Kevin (12.09.2010.)
I simply love this BEE PREGNANT method! After 3 miscarriages I started this fertility program and finally I could give birth to a beautiful baby boy!
- Ifama K. with Ukeme (08.24.2011.)
We had been trying to start a family for 2 years when we found out that my husband has fertility problems. His sperm count was really low... We've decided to follow Monica's program and in less than 4 months I got pregnant! Thank you very much for your help and support Monica! God bless you!
- Kim C. with Nianzu (09.12.2011.)
I have hormonal imbalance and I've always struggled with serious menstrual cramps. Due to this life changing method my hormon level is back to normal now and I can be a proud mom of my beautiful baby Lily!
- Jolanda S. with Lily (11.01.2011.)
Unfortunately my first pregnancy was ectopic, and my second one ended up in a miscarriage. But I was so committed to have a baby and thanks God I found the Bee Pregnant program on the internet. I followed the instructions and in 5 months I got pregnant! My pregnancy was healthy and I could deliver Aleigha naturally! We are happier than ever!
- Paola F. with Aleigha (11.17.2011.)
If you want a perfect life with a perfect baby, do not hesitate, you are in the right place!
- Susanne S. with Ben (11.30.2011.)
Este programa es increíble! Altamente recomendado!
- Mirta R. with Liah (02.02.2012.)