Monica Harmoond health expert, consultant and yoga teacher has spent years getting ready to conceive her baby – not actively, of course, rather in theory. Ever since she was a little girl she has been amazed at the wonder of babies inside the belly of women, and always wanted to understand why it is that some people cannot have babies.

Later, when her friends started having babies, she always kept her eyes and ears open, she asked question after question: what conception methods they used, how they prepared physically and mentally for the pregnancy. She wanted to understand every aspect of the topic so she started studying the various techniques from the modern western methods to the holistic approaches, from the teachings of Eastern medicine to traditional beliefs and even some peculiar witchcraft.

In 2007, Monica was attending a training in Europe as a requirement for her yoga instructor certificate when she learned about a unique, but extremely easy-to-perform exercise routine that helps resolve female medical issues: it is a combination of simple gymnastic elements, yoga stances and dance movements. She knew right away that with these mighty easy exercises, if they are perfected and developed into a full fertility program that is all natural and easy to apply, she will be able to help thousands of women to conceive their so-awaited baby and give birth to a healthy newborn.

It was New Years Eve in 2009, when Monica and her husband, David decided that they are not going to wait any longer, they are ready to start their family in the spring of 2010. They agreed that they will prepare theirselves physically as well as mentally for the arrival of their first baby before they even start trying to get pregnant.

Monica stopped taking the pill when she went through a 3-day cleansing regimen back in November of 2009, but in January of 2010, she had to start a short diet to get rid of the excess weight she put on during the holidays.

Monica and David actively begun the BEE PREGNANT Fertility Program on the 1st of February, 2010, and their son was conceived on the 15th of March, 2010.

In the short time since Monica had created the Program in 2009, she have helped numerous friends and people she haven’t even known before to achieve their dream. Check out our BEE PREGNANT Baby Gallery!

And now it is your chance to see and learn this very simple, but very effective fertility program, so that soon you could be expectant parents, too! We wish you the best in conceiving your baby, even sooner than you’d think!


The BEE PREGNANT Fertility Program Team